Sunday, 3 November 2019

Two million new subscribers channel to Globacom within a month

Globacom, the national telecommunications operator, has become the preferred network of 2 million new subscribers in Nigeria in September, the largest in the sector, according to the latest statistics released by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).

In the September 2019 report, Globacom added a record number of 1,945,846 new subscribers. With this addition, the company's subscriber base increased from 47,265,628 in August to 49,211,474, the second largest number of customers in the industry.

Airtel, which was short in the industry's second position, now has 48,909,678 subscribers at the end of September, after adding 987,787 new customers, representing 50% of Globacom's new constitution during the reporting period. . . Its figure at the end of the previous August was 47,921,891. It is now the third largest operator in the country.

NCC statistics showed that only Globacom and Airtel added new subscribers to their networks, as MTN and 9mobile experienced a decrease in the number of active subscriptions during the month.

According to telecom sources, Globacom's record performance in September was driven by improved service delivery after continuous updating of its infrastructure.

Although MTN remained the leading mobile operator in Nigeria, it lost 379,795 subscribers in the month under review. This reduced its total subscriptions to 65,328,104 out of the 65,707,899 registered in August.

The fourth mobile operator, 9mobile, lost 268,159 subscribers in September, from 15,602,255 in August to 15,334,096 in September.

According to the regulator of the sector, the number of active mobile users in the country rose from 176.6 million in August to 178.9 million in September.

For example, the country's teledensity, which measures the number of active telephone connections per 100 inhabitants living in the same region, also increased to 93.8%.

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