Sunday, 3 November 2019

Jeff Bezos would pay nearly $ 7 billion to Elizabeth Warren's for Health Insurance tax

The 2020 candidate submitted her proposal on Friday to pay her estimated $ 34 billion health insurance plan for all without raising middle-class taxes. It is based on much of the country's largest income change and would cost Amazon's founder nearly $ 7 billion.

To raise the huge amount needed to provide universal medical care, Warren has presented a $ 20.5 billion tax package that, according to her, is aimed at "the financial sector, large corporations and the highest 1%" . Bezos is at the top of the latter category and would be subject to Warren's estate tax, which has been increased in this plan from 2% to 6%. And six percent of the $ 111.7 billion worth of Bezos? That's about $ 6.7 billion.

Bill Gates, which would bring about $ 6.4 billion, and Warren Buffett, closer to $ 5 billion, will join Bezos at the top of the pile. Bezos would also end up paying higher taxes, although it will no longer have to worry about providing medical care to employees. Kathryn Krawczyk

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