Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Get Rich from this "Slow" venture Business


Many countries like united state and United Kingdom have embraced the Agribusiness Called "Snail Farming" because of it's demand from customers that due place the other in supermarkets and Stores.

The number of people practicing Snail farming in Nigeria Is large including some other countries of Africa like Ghana and Kenya.  Not setting a Standard Margin of the demand, Snail farming is still in High Demand because Farmers Don't come up with High Margin that will settle All That are In need of it in Nigeria.

Snail Cooking is an everyday Routine for some Homes in Nigeria, it is use in party Meals and Events.

Despite this large demand for edible snails, many people stay away from the trade. They’d rather only choose to purchase the snails in markets, while they focus on other agribusiness endeavours. A large reason for this is the great misconception that snail farming in Nigeria or anywhere else in Africa can only be done by handpicking the snails in vegetative environment (usually bushes). This reasoning generally places the idea of snail farming as one only done in the rainy seasons, and is majorly carried out in the villages.

Based on Research, the business , Snail farming is really a Slow venture Business that can make one a a millionaire Just in a space of 1-2 Years, not minding if you're rearing the Snail at Home, Even undergraduate can Grab the wonderful Farming that Request No heat or Hole.

Undergraduate can make it part of they work and grab financial Independency for Life, You can also make it to become part of your Investment..Meanwhile it is not time wasting.

One problem with Many Nigerians is that they Need quick money, but know that this business is no for everybody especially people that want to turn a Millionaire Overnight.


Snails are slow but would give you fast profit, snails are invertebrates(without bone), snails have shells, are passive or inactive during the day but very active in the night, at dusk or after rainfall. 

There is a master escapist but there are delicious when well-cooked garnished with all the sauce. 

Snail production was given little or no attention in the past but in recent times, there are growing interests in snail rearing due to human attempts in domesticating & commercializing them. 

In West Africa countries, particularly Nigeria, Republic of Benin, Ghana, snail is considered a delicacy. 


Why snail production venture you may ask, 

1- Snail rearing is a good source of income & capital for starting is relatively low compared to other livestock ventures. 

2 - Snail farming doesn't constitute any nuisance to the environment, 'the droppings are generally firm, odorless, easily cleared & cleaned. 

3 - Snail is noiseless, easy to handle & not aggressive. Snail meat is a good source of animal protein of high biological value, the protein content range between 16-18% (Awesu, 1980; Omole, 1998).

4 - The low-fat content makes snail meat a good source of meat for health-conscious individuals.

5 - Snail farming could be combined with other ventures/businesses, the feeds are cheap & readily easily sourced. 

6 - Snail are prolific breeders, snails can lay 150- 450eggs per clutch.

7 - Calcium and iron from snail meat contribute immensely to the building of good bones especially for young infants.

8 - A mixture of snail bluish fluid found when the snail shell is broken from the rear mixed with palm kernel oil in equal parts reduces the severity of stroke or severe headache when on the affected part of the body.

9 - The shell could be used for ornamental purposes.

10 - The shell could be used to replace bone meals for livestock farming.

Snails have been fetching me cool slow cash within the period I started this venture, it is a low capital entry kind of ventures and even your kids can pick up one or two skills from your snail farming endeavors. 

For further questions on how to make your cool "slow" millions meet me in the comment sections, I would be answering questions on 

1 - Common breeds of snail

2 - Site for rearing of snails

3 - Type of snail housing 

4 - Feeds & feeding of snails 

5 - And any other snail rearing related questions 
Man Counting Dollars / torixus

Financial Freedom is assured In a free-market economy, for anyone that want to make it Big. 
Even as a snail Farmer, you shoul have some basic Skills to make you to be financially independence and will Keep you Going.

In other to assist you reach the financial Goal we've listed out 5 pieces of advice from some people who became Millionaires before clocking 30.
The below list is not a prove that you will be a Millionaire if you follow them, But Following the process is not bad at all.

1. Focus on earning.
2. Develop multiple streams of income.
3. Save to invest, don't save to save.
Writes Cardone
4. Be decisive
5. Don't show off; show up.
6. Change your mindset about money.

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