Friday, 1 November 2019

8 Individuals Charge of Defrauding Elderly Widows Of $ 6m

On Wednesday afternoon, a charge was impose on 8 individuals of fraud scheme primarily targeting widowed women over 65 years old of $6m.

According to the indictment we got, the defendants and unnamed co-conspirators used social media and social gaming applications to target widows. .

Jeffersonking Anyanwu, age 25, Daniel Negedu, age 21, Onoriode Kenneth Adigbolo, age 31, Chukwudi Kingsley Kalu, age 28, and Godsent Nwanganga, age 24, all Nigerians living in Orem.

David Maduagu, age 27, from Nigerian living in Taylorsville; and Richard Ukorebi, age 38, and Adrianna Sotelo, age 20, both of West Valley City. Ukorebi is also Nigerian.

All defendants are charged with committing fraud, three counts of mail fraud, and one count of money laundering conspiracy. Anyanwu, Negedu, Adigbolo, Kalu, Ukorebi, Nwanganga, and Sotello are also among the many laundering.

The maximum potential penalty for each of the first four counts in the indictment is 20 years in prison and a fine of $ 250,000 (or double the stolen amount).

The money laundering and money laundering conspiracy count is 10 years in federal prison and $ 250,000 (or double the laundered amount).

Anyanwu, Negedu, and Adigbolo were first reported in May by a grand jury in late May. They were arraigned on the charges and entered pleas of not guilty. .

Ukorebi, Maduagu, and Sotelo were first introduced by criminal complaint and arrested. Ukorebi and Maduagu were ordered pending trial. Sotelo is released on supervision pending trial. Nwanganga is incarcerated on unrelated charges. Kalu remains at large.

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