Wednesday, 23 October 2019

What do men really like about women's breasts?

The beauty of female breasts is a strong and attractive signal for men, as many women spend hours in the mirror choosing the right outfit to please their partner. But what do men really want in women's breasts? We all think the first thing men look at is size, but we're wrong! Size is just one of the features men consider, but there are also other unexpected things that no one would ever think of. Let's find them together!

1. Complexity

Regardless of volume, men have a pull on the chest of any kind. It does not matter if it is large, round or small and flat. Although there are people who have a preference for most men, basically it is not.

2. They want to touch it

Men like to touch their breasts because in words they cannot really express what they like. If they have the opportunity to touch you, he is sure to love you.

3. They are their “pillow”

There is nothing more comforting for a man, after a long and tiring day of work, to be comforted in his wife's bosom. They can really rest in their wife's warmth in the most original way possible.

4. Use it as a glove

For intimacy in public, men avoid touching their girlfriend's breast, but in certain situations maintaining balance is their first basis…

5. Signals

The chest is a special way to send signals to the man, and is very attractive to them. They can be loved either through clothing or gestures.

6. Imagination

Even if men have never seen you naked they certainly have a very accurate image of your chest. They like to imagine it the way they like it.

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