Friday, 25 October 2019

Video: Izaak Theo celebrates 3-years of Testosterone Treatment

The transgender son of British-Nigerian singer, Sade Adu  is celebrating another milestone in his transgender journey.
Izaak Theo shared his testimony on Instagram.

He made the public post of his celebration within a month after the 23-year-Old who was born as Sade’s daughter, Mickailia, completed his transition from female to male following the success of a phalloplasty (a plastic surgery to construct a penis).

Posting on his social handle to Jubilate his transgender journey, he revealed to his followers that it has been three years since he started the hormone therapy and alot has been learnt.

Sharing a video of himself speaking, Theo wrote in his caption, 'Few weeks back, THREE YEARS ON T. Can’t believe it. What have I learnt? Other than a million things, Truly anything is possible. You can achieve pretty much anything set your mind to. Loving yourself is freedom and the universe has your backk if you put your trust in her. Big up for all the support yall. Much love always

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