Tuesday, 22 October 2019

The police arrest a kidnapper who collected a ransom of $ 15,000 in Bitcoins

The Nigerian Police Force, Federal Capital Territory, FCT, said that the main suspect arrived at the first kidnapping of the type involved in a $ 15,000 dollar exchange rate against ransom.

However, revealed that there are some sources of security that are beginning to blame the members of the family of the victim, are domestic staff and other relatives suspected of being deeply implicated in these kidnappings.

Recall that Umar Ardo, a member of the Democratic People's Party of PDP, leader of the party, was forced in September 2019 to pay $ 15,000 in bitcoins for his daughter, Ms. Aisha Umar, to be released by kidnappers.

In weekly security updates last week, Police Commissioner of the FCT Bala Ciroma revealed that one of Sa'adu Abubakari's suspects, currently in police custody, had made confession useful in connection with the new trend in kidnapping. case.

Mr. Ciroma revealed that the anti-kidnapping brigade had arrested 13 members of a union of kidnapping and other dangerous criminals.

"Following the ongoing investigation into an alleged abduction in Asokoro on September 14, 2019, the detectives of the police command, the anti-kidnapping brigade, arrested Saadu Abubakari aged 23 years in relation to this incident.

"I suspect it was authored by Apo after he was assigned to it.

"The command is making concerted efforts to arrest others involved in the crime," Ciroma said.

According to Mr. Ciroma, after the payment of the ransom in bitcoins and the release of the suspect, the police to deceive its intelligent agents who have taken action.

Mr. Ciroma indicated that the suspect had been arrested and found in Apo, where he had been arrested.

From police sources I have informed PRNigeria that Mr. Abubakari, a professional motorcyclist (Okada), had acknowledged having the SIM card registered in February 2018.

However, he sold it to another suspect (now on the run) who bought it for N1000.

Mr. Abubakari, originally from Kano, declared that he had been deceived by a certain suspect who had acted for being lost, in contact and looking for a new SIM card to make calls.

"I suspended her, who spoke in Hausa language, to negotiate the purchase of her SIM card for N1000 with which the hired her from kidnapping for ransom was concluded," Mr Abubakari would have confessed.

Other discoveries also revealed that Mr. Abubakari was barely literate and spoke only Hausa.

"He claimed to have never flown before. He said he knew nothing about bitcoin nor will i understand how it works. He does not even have a bank account or bank card, "PRNigeria told security source.

A police source said that, that the elite team of intelligence services and investigators was about to solve the case, problems were posed.

According to the source, this incidence of kidnapping is unique in that it "creates a prime of kidnapping cases because of bitcoin".

An intelligent officer noted that the sophistication of the technology involved had opened up a new chapter testing their investigative skills.

According to him, while the police were monitoring the situation, over $ 9,000 had been withdrawn from bitcoin.

The officer, however, assured me that they would overcome the obstacles posed by bitcoins and that they would soon catch the culprits.

"We now know that we need a lot of tools, collaborations and more training. We have almost completed this business, but there are still gaps and difficulties in tracking bitcoins.

"The challenges are not only the technical nature of transactions, but the technological tools needed to solve it," I declared responsibly.

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