Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Senate prevents Maiduguri University from increasing School Fees

On Tuesday, the Senate asked the authorities at Maiduguri University to suspend its recent rate hike.

The Red Chamber has also asked its Higher Education Committee to consult with the Nigerian Universities Commission to develop an agreement to simplify tuition fees in all higher education institutions.

Senator Borno North's representative, Abubakar Kyari, drew the attention of his colleagues to the increase in fees.

He added that raising the rates from 40% to 400% could force young people to leave the institution to join the insurgents, which would worsen security conditions in the country.

He cited the example of a particular rate that was previously 25,000 N, but has now been increased to 125,000 N.

He said the action could affect education in the geopolitical zone of the northeast.

He said it was important to ensure the opening of schools in the north-east of the country, without crisis, to fight against insecurity, particularly in the state of Borno.

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