Thursday, 24 October 2019

Police Found 39 Frozen Bodies Inside A Refrigerated Trailer In England

 About 39 people were locked inside a bitterly cold and airless shipping trailer, before the point of they death, they never stood a chance as their cries for help fading away with no one to hear them.

The England police command have just opened a murder investigation after the Dead 39 bodies were found inside a container truck on Wednesday.

As of the time of report, the Police have not determine any of the victims’ identities.

Who were they, where were they going, and where were they from. It was all a mystery to the people of the world.

But one thing was heartbreakingly clear, when the authorities peered into the container truck Wednesday morning, none of the 39 people inside was alive.

Their bodies were found after someone officials have not said who called an ambulance and the police came to investigate.

The passengers, all of whom appeared to be adults, were declared dead at the scene.

Experts yesterday said the temperature inside the refrigerated trailer unit, which is said to usually carry biscuits, might have been as low as -25C.

The only person in police custody over the case is the driver from northern Ireland.

The police have launch an investigation attack on all the streets of England to get to the root of the illegal treat to humanity.

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