Sunday, 13 October 2019

Nigeria Government workers should get Ready to national Strike - NLC

The unions have asked their affiliates throughout the country to prepare for domestic industrial action before the expiry of the union's ultimatum on the implementation of the minimum wage.

The union leaders issued a statement warning that economic activities would be closed on October 16, 2019 if the federal government did not convene a new meeting of the committee on consecutive adjustments to workers' wages on the basis of the new minimum wage.

The unions, led by the Nigerian Labor Congress (NLC), also insisted that the government hold a final meeting on October 15 to resolve the differences. The federal government and the unions met on different occasions to deliberate and resolve the minimum wage dispute.

The last meeting was held on Wednesday. After the failure of the first phase of the negotiations due to the percentage differences between the two parties, the federal government negotiating team and the National Public Service Parity Bargaining Council, which represents the unions in the negotiations, will meet again October 15

Despite the meetings, the unions are preparing for a strike if their demands are not met. Secretary General of the National Public Service Bargaining Council, Alade Lawal, said last week that the mobilization of workers for possible industrial action after October 16 was at an advanced stage.

He stated that the partial implementation of the minimum wage for levels 1 to 6 was a system of "division and conquest" to which the workers would vehemently oppose. In support of the union's threat, NLC Secretary General Emma Ugbiaja has now asked union members to prepare for industrial action if an agreement is not reached before Wednesday.

"You will remember that joined Communique ... said industrial harmony could not be guaranteed in the country should not be reached with the Federal Government on the Consequential Adjustment of Salaries as a result of the New National Minimum Wage of N30,000,"

"You are hereby directed to coordinate preparations with TUC and JPSNC in your State for necessary industrial action should the time expires without an agreement as contained in the paper" The letter by Mr. Ugbiaja to the union's members reads.

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