Saturday, 26 October 2019

"Mad Man" reportedly caught while collecting used sanitary napkins in Enugu (video)

An unidentified man with mental problems was caught in the early hours of October 26, picking up used sanitary napkins.

The incident was allegedly held in front of the Tommlyn Hotel, located behind the Roban store in Enugu. The madman was caught on the spot after recovering the sanitary napkins that a lady from the community had just thrown away.

An Instagram user @ ada_gift_1996 who shared the video wrote;

What's happening now in Enugu in front of my workplace ...
A crazy man was caught putting a used tampon in a garbage bin in front of the Tommlyn Hotel, located at the back of Roban Enugu's store. A woman may have thrown her land into the ESWAMA landfill, inside which her stamp was located. The man approached the bin and started packing something. He said that something had moved her and that she had to go back in the trash only to be able to notice that the man was packing all the cushions that he tied in a black cord ... That's when that he alarmed those around him and continued the call. crazy.

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