Friday, 18 October 2019

EFCC will rehabilitate Yahoo Boys in Nigeria - Magu

Acting President of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Ibrahim Magu, said the agency is planning to rehabilitate the youths involved in Internet fraud, known as Yahoo Yahoo boys.

Magu said this in Lagos on Thursday by handing out a paper titled "Administration of Strategic Change and Innovation to Fight Corruption in Nigeria" at the Third National Conference of All Directors of the Collegiate Administration Institute.

According to him, Internet fraudsters could be useful for the agency in the future.

While talking about the collaboration between the Nigerian transplant agency and other countries, Mr. Magu said the EFCC has been successful in working with ECOWAS member states to help them prosecute cross-border crimes. .

He said: "Then, if you take money from Nigeria and escape to Ghana, we will simply call the men in Ghana to tell them," Let's fix this man and keep him.

"That's what Yahoo-Yahoo guys like to do. But we plan to restore them because they can be useful in the future. "

Magu said the transplant agency could get 614 convictions between January and September. .

He attributed this to the agency's seven zonal office increases in 2009 to 18 in 2018.

According to him, in addition to increasing its area offices, the agency had also recruited and trained more staff to fight corruption in the country.

In the fight against corruption, synergy is important, said acting president of the EFCC.

He urged the CIA to cooperate with the agency in the fight ensuring that handle their affairs freely corruption.

He also asked civil organizations and the public to report cases of corruption to the agency.

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