Saturday, 12 October 2019

Dino Melaye joins Nollywood featured in "Equity Unbound"

 Senator Dino Melaye joined Nollywood a few hours after the Court of Appeal upheld the decision of the Kogi Motions Court quashing his victory.

Senator Frank will be one of the key players in a TV series called "Unbound Consolidation", an idea from the Pillar of Hope African Initiative (POHAI).

Other important actors such as Linc Edochie, Victor Decke, the chef Bruno Iwuola and Paul Sambo will also appear in the television series.

Chinyere Onyemekara, national director of POHAI, told a world press conference that the main goal of the project was "Equal Rights and Social Judges in Africa", using Nigeria as a case study.

"The Equity Unbound TV series is a soap opera that grossly exaggerates the quality of the justice system in Nigeria and its concomitant effect on the masses, the elites and the government.

"This is a stunning and dramatic presentation of the challenges facing a Nigerian in the field of human rights. The recent BBC report on the pervasive threat of "sax for ratings and sex for brands" in Nigerian educational institutions is a good example of the issues discussed in this series.

"A 120 minute pilot episode of the Equity Unbound TV series was shot with so many famous actors and the latest generation of professional cum and a highly motivated team.

"The idea is to use theater as an effective communication tool to correct the ills and promote an acceptable social justice system in Nigeria.

"Gentlemen of the press, you will agree that Africa and Nigeria in particular are far away with a perfect justice system and a fair society.

"At POHAI, we were tasked with exposing these shortcomings in order to attract attention and make a strategic correction:

"We invite members of the Kingdom's fourth state, civil society groups, the international community, cooperation organizations, the Nigerian government at all levels and well-intentioned Nigerians to support all possible to carry out this humanitarian project. ". Onyemekara said.

Senator Dino Melaye, speaking about why he joined the drama, expressed his pleasure at being part of the series that will reveal an unfair act in society.

Melaye said: "I am happy to have participated in the series, especially because it will help to correct the social problems of the country.I am not a rookie in acting because I became the best actor of my NYSC program.

"I am ready to serve this country at any cost, and I believe that participating in this series is another way of helping to correct social ills in Nigeria.

"If I have this opportunity again, I will not hesitate to grab it," said Melaye.

The director of the drama said that Senator Dino Melaye had played the role of Joshua in the series, composed of professional actors and politicians.

"The drama is about addressing social vices in society. The tragedy, he said, accounts for problems such as corruption, injustice, bad government, and so on. "

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