Thursday, 10 October 2019

Bonface Igbeneghu always Act like a Christ Like On Campus' - UNILAG Student On Lecturer

Boniface Igbeneghu

The University of Lagos lecturer who has been in the internet for his behavioural attitude of sexually harassing an undercover journalist, among others has been labeled by the Unilag Student to always act and behave Godly while in School.

Boniface Igbeneghu is also said to be a pastor of a Foursquare Gospel Church, was exposed in a 13-minute video documentary released by the BBC Africa Eye on Monday.

In the video documentary, he reports that he and some of his colleagues patronize the UNILAG Staff club "cold room" to commit several sexual atrocities with female students.

TheCable was informed by a final year student of the faculty  that the documentary was shocking to the students who knew the lecturer.

She described Igbeneghu as a godly, jovial and a wonderful man.

"I had my first encounter with a Muslim fellowship when I was in two years. He was a sub-dean of the faculty of art. The man is very jovial; he plays a lot, "she said.

"At the Muslim fellowship, we were just having a normal gathering so he came and asked what the gathering was for? We told him we are Muslim students, so he said oh ... is everything going on well? He advised us to follow the faculty rules and regulations. Everyone was happy to see him. So this sexual harassment story is really shocking.

"It would have been really easy for you to think about it. This is a clear green snake under the green grass. "When I saw the first, I thought it would be lecturers from Philosophy, shocking is an understatement."

The student said Igbeneghu made himself accessible to students.

"I have countless times and he is always smiling. He is always like 'God will hurt you'. Most times when I see him, he is always praying for 'God bless you'. He is just a very calm man, "she said.

"When he was the sub-dean, my roommate then attended the same church with this one and they told me that they have a Foursquare fellowship on campus that the man also expect. She speaks highly of the man but she has graduated now.

"If you greet him, he would respond 'God bless you'."

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