Saturday, 19 October 2019

Between Innoson, the automaker and Farouq Osuolale, the logo creator

 NOTE WELL. This article belongs entirely to Funso Williams

You do not have to wait to present your business idea.

You must have heard about the student from Farouq Osuolale University in Ibadan, who redesigned the Innoson vehicle logo. It's like all the other designers who are fighting there, but it's smart, he used the right channel to make his idea known.

Many companies will not call you to present your idea. They may not even know they need this idea until they see it.

It's a win for both Farouq and Innoson. Innoson uses it as a marketing strategy to show Nigerians that they support Nigerian talent, which tells Nigerians that they have to sponsor Innoson (it's done with Naija). Farouq, on the other hand, is making a breakthrough in his career.
The logo is a modern, well-structured and definitive classic logo that embodies every minute the details of what society represents.

As a brand designer, it's very important to keep in mind that presentation is important in every design. If Farouq had shown this logo in a flat 2D version, it might not be viral or recognized.

In conclusion, no one is ready to press or support if he does not see the disc. Not many companies today listen to their ideas, they want to see what they can do, not listen to them. Congratulations to Farouq Osuolale

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