Tuesday, 29 October 2019

228 prisoners escape from Kogi Prison

According to reports, as many as 228 prisoners escaped from the federal prison center in Koton Karfe, Kogi State.

Emmy.ng found that a heavy shower on Monday morning in Koton-Karfi facilitated the escape of prisoners after the collapse of some parts of the midsize prison building, while many houses were flooded with floods. community

It was reliably inferred that the rain started on Monday around 2 am, which caused damage that led to the destruction of parts of the prison building, which allowed the detainees to escape.

When our correspondent visited the community on Monday, some of the people who spoke to our reporter said that the rain was very heavy and fell for several hours.

According to him, it was because of the heavy rain that caused the flood, which affected many houses and the prison building.

The acting head of the Koton-Karfi Karfi Central Mosque, Saidu Suleiman Nuhu, who also spoke with our journalist, said the Osugu River had flooded his bank and destroyed many houses, including the prison. which resulted in the flight of some detainees.

However, efforts to talk to the prison officials who went to the scene were unsuccessful, all the places having been flooded, but a source close to the prison services revealed that about 228 of the detainees who had escaped only 100 were arrested again by security agents.

The source added that the Deputy Comptroller General of the Correctional Service, Ahmed Jafaru, had gone there, saying that the government would make every effort to keep detainees at large.

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