Monday, 7 October 2019

100 Million Naira Launched by Hon. Ahmed Ndaken yo help Petty Traders

Hon. Ahmed Ndakene
 On Saturday; 5th October, 2019, Hon. Ahmed Ndakene launched the first phase of the disbursement of Women Empowerment Scheme under his constituency development initiative; HAAN-CODI, by giving grants to two hundred (200) women in Shonga District to boost their economic activities.

The Legislator who was represented by the Former-Edu LGA Chairman, Hon. Isa Manuga during the flagoff of the disbursement at Shonga Market square on saturday, said the scheme is designed to enhance the income generating capacity of hardworking women engaged in trading items such as; Sachet water, Moimoi, Akara, Food items and the likes, through the grant of N10,000 to each of the women .

The Women Empowerment Scheme is also designed in the long run to provide beneficiaries with access to an interest-free revolving loan to enable them expand their economic activities.

HAAN-CODI is a developmental initiative, aimed at empowering the grassroot through the provision of well tailored training on already identified areas such as ICT, Livestock development, crop production and agro processing among others and also providing seed-capital, and essential resources necessary for the creation of employment and harnessing the socio-economic development of his Constituents at all levels.

This Women Empowerment Scheme (WES) is one of the Components of HAAN-CODI and is targeted at empowering five thousand (5,000) women over the course of four (4) years to be self reliant, and better positioned in the society, while breaking the yoke of extreme poverty especially among the women folk.

To achieve the objectives of the programme, empowerment hubs will be created for all Districts targeting one District at a time, thereby spanning the entire Constituency.

Tsaragi and Lafiagi will be the next Districts to be considered in Edu Local Government for the WES, after which it will be the turn of Moro and Patigi Local Governments Areas.

As a pragmatic and people oriented programme, HAAN-CODI will surely break new grounds in the delivery of dividends of democracy to the good people of Edu, Moro, Patigi Federal Constituency!

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