Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Woman kidnapped little Girl, Ties her up inside Bag of Cement in Rivers

Suspected female kidnapper abducts little girl, ties her up inside bag of cement in Rivers 

People in Rivers State Community were Very shocked after catching a Woman who kidnapped a little baby girl and tied her up inside a bag of cement.

Local Newsmen reported that the abducted little girl miraculously survived the ordeal even though she was tied up inside the empty bag of cement for days.

According to one Jennifer, who witnessed the incident, the lady perpetrated the act, last week, in Ozuoba, in Rivers state but luck ran out on her, today, when she was busted and confessed to the commission of the crime.

She later took those that caught her, to where she hid the baby. The victim was found alive but looking really emaciated.

The suspect woman is said to be a wealthy lady in the area and her children are all based abroad. She allegedly confessed to selling her victims to ritualists.

The state police is said to have been involved already to look into the matter.

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