Saturday, 17 November 2018

Woman Dies in church after Giving testimony in Zimbabwe

A woman died in the church immediately after giving a testimony to the church in the Universal Church of God. The deceased, simply identified as Mpofu, attended a religious service in the Bulawayo area of ​​Zimbabwe, where she gave a testimony of thanksgiving to God for the miracles he had done in her life.

According to B-meter reports, Mpofu collapsed immediately after sharing her testimony and died in church.

A relative who requested anonymity told the media that they were very disappointed and confused because they were not sure if the testimony was the reason behind Mpofu's death.

"It is very sad that our relative died in this way." "It was someone who was a devoted member of the Church, which is now a surprise that she died in the house, which he believed was the safest," said the relative.

"What's more surprising is that when all this happened, the church did not let us know that it had collapsed by choosing to keep it for six hours."

"We do not know why they kept her in the church when they realized that her condition was critical, so we suspect that they deceived us," he continued.

The man of the deceased left the mourners in shock when he asked all the members of the church to leave the funeral.

It was clear that he did not want to have anything to do with the members of the Universal Church and their predecessors.

A pastor who refused to be named said they did not bother going to the funeral because they did not have a good relationship with the Mpofu family. Mpofu was buried on Monday.

Attempts to get a comment from the Church about the incident involving his deceased member were unsuccessful as a pastor who invited B-Metro to comment on written questions that he said would be sent to his lawyers for a reaction.

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