Wednesday, 21 November 2018

S*x workers collide with Catholic priest at the funeral of their colleagues in Zimbabwe

There was a mild drama at the funeral of a commercial s"x worker who her colleagues prevented a Catholic priest from giving a speech at the funeral with seductive dances.

According to reports, the s*x workers argued that their deceased friend never went to church and that is why the speech was not necessary.
S*x workers housed in the Avenidas rented a bus to the cemetery of Mufakose and Zororo in Zimbabwe, where they gave their last honor to the late Samantha Nhlanhla to dramatize how people had gathered to have sex.

The priest read a scripture from Revelation 14:13 before the prostitutes intervened and described Samantha as a heathen.

"Samantha taimuziva HwaHwa achinwa saka totomboita zvekukechwa, totsvaga mhene, carpet Tipei tikuratidzei iyo zvairaramisa Samantha," said one of the prostitutes before towing carpet funeral and show some sexual movements about a man who had done.

They blew condoms and the death diggers disrupted they duties for more time to give the final honor during the use of marijuana.
Some of the mourners were forced to leave the cemetery where the sex workers found marijuana and sprayed beer over the tomb singing songs.

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