Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Six Nigerian Soldiers killed by Boko-Haram terrorist in Yobe State

 Six soldiers were reported killed on Thursday by suspected Boko Haram rebels in the village of Azare, in the local government area of ​​Gujba, Yobe state.

According to a reliable source of anonymity, the attack on the troops followed the arrest of three suspected Boko Haram terrorists who went to the village to load their mobile phones with troops from the 27 members of the Task Force brigade. Force, stationed in the village.

"Three suspected insurgents came to the village of Azare to charge their mobile phones, the inhabitants informed the soldiers stationed in the village and were arrested.

"Later in the day, the terrorists mobilized and attacked the troops, killed six soldiers and maimed their guns." The source revealed.

The source said the troops and members of the self-defense group quickly mobilized and dragged the attackers and managed to locate the terrorist camps, neutralizing the camp residents and destroying their weapons.

The incident has now resulted in the temporary closure of the Buni-Yadi-Magza-Biu road.

But when he was contacted by mobile phone, the spokesman of the 27th brigade of the Task Force, Buni Yadi, Major Alimi denied this information and said that the troops had not been attacked.

He said, "There is nothing better than an attack on the troops, there may be someone who is cheating on you, and as I speak, I am in Buni Yadi.

"If that were the case, there would be something I would have confirmed to you," added Major Alimi.

Meanwhile, an unnamed brigade officer lamented that many soldiers from the north-east were killed by Boko Haram. "We fight with a fight that will never end, a dangerous battle, they always attack us, we try, but we lose more soldiers, I lost some colleagues and friends in a few days."

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