Friday, 23 November 2018

Second Year Student of GO university rescued while trying to hang himself after a girl dumped him

A Second year student of a  Catholic private University in Enugu STATE who was dumped by his girlfriend reportedly attempted to kill himself by hanging in his hostel last night.

The news which has gone viral on the internet reads ;

So one 200 level boyy in our school almost hanged himself in AD GENTES HOSTEL. we thank God for his friends intervention cos he locked himself tho. FUnny Part ; Because his Girlfriend broke up with him.

Some guys are so stupid, because your girlfriend broke up with you, you went to hang yourself in the hostel. You forgot that the same girl will attend your burial with another guy, but your household, especially your mum has lost a son. It’s time guys in this category start been wise.

You haven’t even achieved anything in life. Currently in 200 level. The girl who broke up with you is in 100level, and the best is to commit suicide ?? Guys, be wise !!

Another source

200-level student of Godfrey Okoye University rescued while trying to hang himself in Ad Gentes Hostel after a girl dumped him.  - Odoh Charles(fb)

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