Friday, 2 November 2018

Sad Bride Refuses to Kiss the Groom at the Altar, Pushing Him Away

The bride is really angry and does not hide her emotions when her partner wants to seal their marriage union with a kiss on the altar.

In the trending photos osted online
 the groom can be seen removing the bride's veil for a special kiss after being given permission by the priest.

The bride who looked angry - took her mouth off a few moments after the groom tried to kiss her in front of the wedding guest.

This made the pastor call a "rematch" when he urged the couple to try a kiss once again, to surprise the unhappy bride.

The groom who smiles throughout the public drama, goes for the second kiss before his wife actually pushes him away and even warns him.

Internet users react to unusual incidents of marriage by many wondering what might make the bride unhappy on her special day.

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