Thursday, 15 November 2018

My mum is the inspiration to my Flamboyant fashion style - Paul Pogba

French midfielder, Paul Pogba has  praise  his mother,  Saying she's the inspiration for his bold fashion style.

Paul Pogba is well-known for his Flamboyant fashion style and when asked for the reason behind it, Pogba did not need time to think about his answer.

“My mum, she knows fashion,” he said in an interview with YouTubers Poet and Vuj from COPA90.
“She’s the one who’s been putting colours and stuff, so I saw it from my mum and it’s in the family, you know. Fashion from day one.”

The Manchester United man was representing his club during the interview, wearing another bold item of clothing – a denim jacket with his team’s crest embroidered on the pocket and the back.
He was also asked about his music taste, something his fans will be well aware of from following him on social media.

When questioned about his favourite acts at the moment, the Frenchman said: “Lil Uzi Vert’s coming up, he’s coming back. Drake. Lil Uzi Vert’s my guy, I really like it.
“Ashley Young has been playing the French song [Vegedream – Ramenez La Coupe a La Maison], he loves it.”
Pogba still appears to be on a high after winning the World Cup with France, and he insists that team spirit is behind the country’s success in Russia.
“At the end of the day, when you’re good with your people next to you, you’re going to die for them,” he continued.
“I know, nobody could touch Griezmann, nobody could touch Mbappe, and nobody could touch Mendy. Mendy plays for City, I play for United, but for the national team we’re family.”
Meanwhile, after the midweek high of Turin, Manchester United have another huge match ahead of them as they prepare to take on bitter rivals Manchester City.
The Red Devils travel across the city to face their ‘noisy neighbours’ at the Etihad Stadium this afternoon as they bid to win a fourth-straight match in all competitions.
However, their manager Jose Mourinho has told his side to ‘grow up’ and stop relying on their ability to come back as he urges them to stop giving their opponents the advantage early on in games.

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