Friday, 16 November 2018

List of Clubs that pay the highest salaries in Europe

Here are the Top 10 clubs that pay the highest salaries in Europe

Trophies, nothing but trophies. There is only what the most prestigious football clubs on this planet are interested in. Europe, which encompasses all the powerful stables in the world, does not compromise on the means to offer players the services that suit their ambitions.

FC Barcelona has spent no less than 557 million euros in salaries last season. The Catalan club stands out as the first spending club in salaries for its players.

According to the Daily Mail, under the leadership of Josep Bartomeu, the club is far ahead of the great rival of Madrid, which is 452 million euros in 2017-2018.

Five English clubs are in the top 10, including Manchester United, third with 386 million euros.

Paris Saint Germain, Bayern Munich and Juventus of Turin are the only French, German and Italian representatives. These three clubs spent 311 million euros, 303 and 296 million euros respectively on wages.

Thus, those who doubted the elements that had enabled FC Barcelona to make a difference, especially in La Liga, have a satisfactory answer.

Here is the ranking of the top 10 most paid clubs in 2017-2018

1. FC Barcelona € 557 million
2. Real Madrid € 452 million
3. Manchester United € 386m
4. Paris Saint-German: € 311 million

5. Bayern Munich € 303 million

6. Juventus € 296 million

7. Manchester City € 294m
8 Chelsea € 293 million
9. Liverpool € 276m
10. Arsenal 266m €

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