Thursday, 22 November 2018

Jose Mourinho Made Me a legend in Chelsea - Drogba

Didier Drogba has revealed that former coach Jose Mourinho has rescued his career in Chelsea.

Ivory Costa International announced last night only his professional footballer and admitted that his career at Chelsea could finish earlier.

Drogba came from Marseilles to Chelsea, and the speed of France's second-half rise to the shining lights of London frightened him.

But he found that conversation with Mourinho inspired him to become one of the greatest legends of the club.

"The only time I doubted myself was the time when I moved from Marseilles to Chelsea," he said to the sun.

"Two and a half years ago I was the underwriter in the French second division.

"And then, boom, I was suddenly in a club that became one of the biggest in the world: a new country, a new culture ... and I thought," Hmmm, is not everything too fast for me? Can I get it here? Is that too much?

"I was afraid to succeed after my first difficult year at Chelsea I talked to Jose Mourinho and told him:" I'm not happy here. Maybe this is not for me and I have to leave. '

"But he said," No, you must stay, I will help you. "

"Everything was so comfortable for me in France and after that first season in England I was again looking at this comfort zone, which means going back to Marseille and being the only striker.

"And then I heard the manager say something very interesting to all the players.

He said: If you want to be the only king, go back to the team where you played before and get 100 goals.

"But here in Chelsea there are 22 Kings, so you have to accept it and work together, or you're going."

"Then I realized that Chelsea made the challenge to go further than what I had already done.

"Then I knew I had to improve and that's why I became the player I was.

"It was a special relationship with Mourinho, and greatly encouraged my self-confidence when he told me" I would go to war with you. "

"Coming from a man who won the Champions League and was at the top of the English game, it meant a lot."

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