Saturday, 10 November 2018

Indian Man shocked family after waking up During his own funeral

A 95-year-old, who was declared dead by a doctor after fainting in the northwestern region of Rajasthan, India, has shocked his family after waking up at his own funeral.

Budh Ram, 95 years old, who woke up at his own funeral, said he had a nap, was declared dead on Saturday and a priest was called home to perform the last ritual of the retiree.

Balu Ram, his eldest son, said the family was preparing normal baths to clean the body before funeral when Budh Ram began to shake his family with men with shaved heads (which are part of a pre-funeral ritual).

According to him, when water was poured on his father's breast, they were shocked to see him tremble. They took him to bed, and he began to breathe visibly. While his 65-year-old son called it a "miracle," the 95-year-old told his survivor that he had pain in his chest so he decided to take a nap.

His son said;

"He began to breathe and sat down on the bed shortly after. When he was interviewed by relatives, he said he suffered chest pain and slept. It is only a miracle.

His son Ranjit Ram, 55, also said;

"He is a very happy Diwali for us. If my father had died, we would not have celebrated the festival as it is common in all the houses where a death occurred, but this time the celebrations will be great."

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