Friday, 9 November 2018

How You can test for HIV / AIDS with Your urine

Usually, antibodies are detected in the blood when a person is HIV positive and vice versa for HIV-negative people.

These antibodies are usually detected in blood samples and sometimes saliva by an oral swab. In addition to the body fluids mentioned above, it has been proven that you can test the virus with your urine.

This may seem odd, but according to a report (hivinsite), urine could also be used to identify antibodies.

In this case, we will use an ELISA test to detect antibodies. For the ELISA test, the urine sample will be sent to a laboratory for analysis. A lab technician will add the sample to a device containing an HIV antigen and HIV antibodies.

If not, you can use the test at home by simply following the principles. Collect urine in a bowl.

Transfer the urine sample to a petri dish containing the specific antigen. If your blood contains anti-antigen antibodies, the two will bind together. You will notice this by an amplification of the signal that will give a lighter color on the background.

It normally takes a few hours to detect the antibodies. However, the Western blot will be used to confirm the positive results of an ELISA test. Basically, it is usually used as a confirmation test.

Positive results in this case mean; if the antibodies are detected, you are HIV positive. While if the antibodies are not detected, then you are in a stable, HIV negative state.

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