Saturday, 3 November 2018

Farmer R "pes His own mother & his wife's mother in Kaduna

This malevolent act has shocked and distrusted many people.

A 32-year-old man in the Kaura region of Kaduna State, David Shakari, was arrested by the operator of the Police Inspector General of the Intelligence Response Team for r * pe.

The 32-year-old father reportedly surrounded his mother and mother of ex-wives, each in their 50s and 60s.

It is known that Shakari has attended a festival in August 2017 in the community and returned home when drunk at night.

Shakari, who lives with her mother, is reported to have met the woman sleeping and forcibly with her.

He was said to have begged his mother the following day when he regained consciousness and promised not to repeat his actions.

About three months later, it was gathered that middle school students went to attend another festival in the ex-wife community at Mahuta and got drunk again. He headed for his ex-in-law's house at night.

Police said Shakari escaped after licking his former in-laws and being hunted by neighbors who were interested in the cries of the victims.

In an interview with our correspondent on Thursday, Shakari admitted that his mother but said he had not ventured into the private parts of his wife's ex-wife before she rang the alarm.

He said he went to farming after finishing high school, but he became bored with the job after a few years.

The suspect explained that he had enough time to be lazy because he could not get another job.

He said, "I got married in 2002. My wife is still in middle school. It was agreed that she had to finish his education at his parents' house before She moved to my house. We have children together. Then, he remarried another man.

"I was farming, but I did not like the job. I want to continue my education. Last year, I attended the Moroha Festival and got drunk. I went home and met my mother asleep. She was the only person at home. My father died and my daughter lives with her grandmother on the maternal side.

"I don't know when I have to pedal my mother. The next day, a family meeting was held and I begged her . She forgave me and I promised not to do that again.

"A few months later, I attended another festival in my ex-wife community. At night, I went to the house of my ex-wife's mother. The door to his apartment was unlocked. I entered and met her asleep. When I tried to open it, she got up and shouted. I left the room. People chased me, but they did not arrest me.
I have repented now. I committed a crime because I did not do any work. I also stopped drinking alcohol. "

Police sources said that several residents in Mahuta reported the incident to the DCP-led IRT Abba Kyari and a chase had been launched for the suspect.

"The team's efforts paid off last month when he was tracked down in Samunaka in the Dere area of ​​Kaduna State. He brandished his mother and ex-in-law, "added the source.

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