Friday, 23 November 2018

Driver kidnapped and killed two Children after demanding N3m for Ransome

A Nigerian youth have been arrested and taken into custody after he allegedly kidnapped his boss’ children in Lagos and stabbed them to death when his demand for a 3 million Naira ransom was not met.

Rexcharles blog was told that the suspect has been the family driver for many years,

Source disclosed that the young man went to pick his boss’ three kids from school as usual last week but, rather than take them home, he drove them to a bush from where he called their mother, demanding a ransom of 3 million Naira for him to release the three kids

The mother told him she didn’t have such amount and pleaded for the return of her kids. But the angry driver stabbed them all, killing the two boys and leaving the girl in critical condition.

The girl who is the elder of the three siblings is in the Intensive Care Unit of an undisclosed hospital.

This made me cry..what is happening in our society nowadays..innocent children killed because of a selfish interest of a Driver who is been Paid for his service...  God help our nation Nigeria...

Dear Reader, please report any suspicious movement of any kind to police Station to save Our Nation from distress.

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