Sunday, 4 November 2018

Christians bury victims of last militant attack in Egypt

Thousands of Christian mourners in Egypt witnessed Saturday the burial of six members of the same family killed on the return from a baptism in a Coptic monastery in the Egyptian province of Minya.

The crowds scattered pews who were screaming, sobbing and praying around six white coffins and refusing an offer of condolence from the security guards.

Mar Girgis' priest, Rad Noser Mitri, said they play no role in terrorism or hatred, but only in the service of their church and their country, like any other people in the world.

We would like to tell them (the attackers) that we still love them despite everything that has happened.

"We would like to tell them (to the attackers) that we still love them despite everything that has happened. We have a question however, why are you doing this? We do not mischief anyone. We serve our church and our country in all honesty, "he added.

Gunmen opened fire on Friday, November 2 on two buses near the monastery of St. Samuel the Confessor in Minya, 260 km from Cairo by the Nile, killing seven people and injuring 18, including children.

The attack was claimed by the Islamic State, which, along with affiliated groups, said it was responsible for several violations of the Egyptian Christian minority, including one that killed 28 people in almost the same place in May 2017.

Although the Egyptian military and police launched a crackdown on militant groups in February, some of the Christian mourners blamed security officials for repeated attacks against them.

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