Wednesday, 21 November 2018

A very touching story!

A beautiful girl got tired of  her marriage and wanted to kill her spouse. One morning she ran to her mother and said to her "Mother, I am tired of my husband and I can no longer tolerate his nonsense. I want to kill him but I am afraid the authorities might hold me responsible, can you help me?"

The mother replied, yes my daughter I can help you but there is a little task attached.
The daughter asked "what task?" "I am willing and ready to do any thing in order to get him out of my way". Ok, said the mother.

You will be forced to make peace with him, so that no one Will suspect you when he's eventually dead.
You will have to beautify yourself in order to look young and attractive to him.
You have to take good care of him and be very nice and appreciative to him.
You have to be patient, loving and less jealous. Be just, and listen to him so that you won't be suspected said the mother.
Take this powder and pour a little in his meal every day. It will slowly kill him she told her daughter.

After thirty (30) days the lady came back to her mother and said, " mother, I have no intention of killing my husband again. As of now I have grown to love him because he has completely changed, he is now a very sweet husband than I ever imagined.
"What can I do to stop the poison from killing him? Please help me mother". She pleaded in a sorrowful tone.

The mother answered; don't worry my daughter. What I gave you the other day was just a rice dust. It will never kill him.
In reality, you were the poison that was slowly killing your husband with hate and dispassion.

You see, when you started loving and cherishing him you saw him Changed to a nice and sweet husband.
Women if you can only show love, care respect and commitment to your husband I assure you he will be there for you 100%.

Hope I make sense!

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