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Our Pastor bewitched My Wife - Man tells Court

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A trader, identified as Blessing Oziomela, from n. ° 11, Don Linus Street, Ajao Estate, Lagos, in the city council of Agege, used a customary court to dissolve her five-year marriage with her husband Emmanuel Oziomela.

Yesterday's blessing told the court that her husband, Oziomela, mistreated and threatened his life on many occasions.

The petitioner said: "When I realized that I could not live with him that way, and I also realized that my daughter imitated her father's behavior, I had to pack the house in June 2018.

"After I left, he sent me a text message saying that he was only doing me a favor by getting married.

"It is better that I live to care for my children than to be in this violent marriage, and he has not even supported the education of children."

But Oziomela, a 34-year-old trader who lives in one. ° 413, George Crescent, Ogba, told the court that he was the pastor of the church they visited and enchanted his wife.

"The problem started on the day I decided not to go to church anymore, whenever I call the pastor as the cause of our problem, my wife will attack me and cause her problems again." "When he left my house, he sent he handed me the bills for the school fees for the children and I sent money to his bank account.In early October my wife came with eight people who beat me and broke my door, "he said.

He did not plead guilty to all his wife's charges against him and asked the court not to dissolve the marriage.

The president of the court, Ms. Patricia Adeyanju, adjourned the case until December 4, 2018 for a possible alternative dispute resolution.

Woman Dies in church after Giving testimony in Zimbabwe

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A woman died in the church immediately after giving a testimony to the church in the Universal Church of God. The deceased, simply identified as Mpofu, attended a religious service in the Bulawayo area of ​​Zimbabwe, where she gave a testimony of thanksgiving to God for the miracles he had done in her life.

According to B-meter reports, Mpofu collapsed immediately after sharing her testimony and died in church.

A relative who requested anonymity told the media that they were very disappointed and confused because they were not sure if the testimony was the reason behind Mpofu's death.

"It is very sad that our relative died in this way." "It was someone who was a devoted member of the Church, which is now a surprise that she died in the house, which he believed was the safest," said the relative.

"What's more surprising is that when all this happened, the church did not let us know that it had collapsed by choosing to keep it for six hours."

"We do not know why they kept her in the church when they realized that her condition was critical, so we suspect that they deceived us," he continued.

The man of the deceased left the mourners in shock when he asked all the members of the church to leave the funeral.

It was clear that he did not want to have anything to do with the members of the Universal Church and their predecessors.

A pastor who refused to be named said they did not bother going to the funeral because they did not have a good relationship with the Mpofu family. Mpofu was buried on Monday.

Attempts to get a comment from the Church about the incident involving his deceased member were unsuccessful as a pastor who invited B-Metro to comment on written questions that he said would be sent to his lawyers for a reaction.

Alex Bbnaija Dance with Kupa Boys

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Not so long ago, Alex Asogwa, former partner of Big Brother Naija, approached her Instastory to share a video of herself with the famous Instagram celebrities, "Kupe Boys", and she certainly enjoyed her appearance.

View screenshots of the video below,

The boys of Kupe who became viral and became a sensation after dancing the popular song, Kupe, arrived in Abuja today, the 15th, at the invitation of Play Network Africa. But only three of them came to Nigeria.

In some photos circulating on Twitter, the boys were seen on the ground at a Nigerian airport.

It is not clear why they had to be on the ground, but Nigerians shared photos on social media with hilarious reactions.

Photos below,

Nigerian Air force destroyed Boko-Haram Headquarters in Borno

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The Nigerian Air Force (NAF, for the abbreviation in English) said that the Air Force Task Force (ATF) Operation Lafiya Dole has an old tactical headquarters of Boko Haram Terrorist (BHT) in Sabon Tumbun on the Chad Lake Green destroyed fringes.

Director of Public Relations and Information NAF, Air Commodore Ibikunle Daramola, announced this in a statement to the NAN ob Friday in Abuja.

According to Daramola, the operation was performed on Thursday.

"When Operation Sweep Green day two occurred on November 15, the Air Task Force (ATF) Operation Lafiya DOLE conducted air strikes that led to the destruction of an old tactical headquarters of the Al-Barnawi faction Boko Haram Terrorist (BHT) sect of Sabon Tumbun in the green edge of Lake Chad ".

Daramola said the attack was conducted according to credible reports of human intelligence which showed that BHT were regrouping into a group of buildings in the middle of the settlement.

"Consequently, after reconnaissance missions Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), the ATF detailed Alpha Jet aircraft to attack the settlement with social direct hits on the target.

"The attack led to the destruction of the identified buildings and neutralization of the occupants of BHT," he said.

A war begins, Biafrans goes after Nigerian Muslims!

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The Biafrans have launched a war ball by calling the absolute scammers of the Igbo Muslims. It was a big surprise and surprise when a message was posted on the Biafran fan page mentioning the Islamic scammers because they did not have things like Muslims, because according to them Islam. It is a religion that spreads threats and violence, Biafrans who have made this statement can not say that they are not guilty of accusing the same sins by accusing others. Or do we now decide that people are volatile on the basis of their religion?

Biafra, officially the Republic of Biafra, was a separatist state in West Africa that existed from May 30, 1967 to January 1970; It was composed of the states of the eastern region of Nigeria.

Biafra's attempt to leave Nigeria gave rise to the Nigerian civil war. The state was formally recognized by Gabon, Haiti, Ivory Coast, Tanzania and Zambia. Other countries, which did not officially recognize but granted support and assistance to Biafra, included Israel, France, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Rhodesia, South Africa and the Vatican City. Biafra also received assistance from non-state actors, such as Joint Church Aid, Holy Ghost Fathers of Ireland, and led by Caritas International, MarkPress and the US Catholic Relief Services.

The inhabitants were mostly Igbo, who led the secession as a result of economic, ethnic, cultural and religious tensions between the various peoples of Nigeria. Other ethnic groups that were present were the Efik, Ibibio, Annang, Ejagham, Eket, Ibeno and Ijaw among others.

After two and a half years of the war, in which nearly two million citizens Biafran died of hunger, caused by the total blockade of the region by the Nigerian government and the migration of the Igbo people of Biafra in another area each smaller, Biafran forces under the slogan "no winner, no overcome" once surrendered to the federal military government of Nigeria (FMG) and Biafra in Nigeria re-integrated. The surrender was facilitated by Vice President and Chief of Staff of Biafra, Major General Philip Effiong, who fled the leadership of the late Republic after the original chairman, Colonel Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu fled to Ivory Coast.

In 1960 Nigeria became independent from the United Kingdom. As with many other new African states, the borders of the country did not reflect any previous ethnic, cultural or religious boundaries. For example, the northern region of the country has a Muslim majority, while the population of the south is predominantly Christian. After independence, Nigeria is largely divided along ethnic lines with Hausa and Fulani mainly in the north, Yoruba and Igbo and majorities in the southwest and southeast, respectively.

In January 1966 there was a military coup in which a group of junior army officers predominantly killed Igbo 30 political leaders, including the Prime Minister of Nigeria, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, and the Prime Minister of the North, Sir Ahmadu Bello. The four highest officers of northern origin were also killed. Nnamdi Azikiwe, the chairman of the Igbo extraction and the prime minister of the southeastern part of the country were not killed and the army commander, General Aguiyi Ironsi, took the power to maintain order.

In July 1966, northern officers and army units organized a setback. Muslim officers appointed general of a small ethnic group (Angas) in the center of Nigeria, General Yakubu "Jack" Gowon, as the head of the federal military government (FMG). The two coups tightened ethnic tensions in Nigeria. In September 1966, about 30,000 Igbo died in the north, and a number of northerners died in violent reactions in eastern cities

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Joke Silva & Olu Jacobs Are Celebrating Their 33rd Wedding Anniversary Today

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Aunty Joke never misses this. She never misses to praise her man on every anniversary day! Today the elderly couple clocked 33 years in marriage and Aunty Joke has only God to thank.

‘’33years and counting...for all we are and all we have achieved.. so far...thank you Lord. It's all by Your Grace. Happy Wedding anniversary Oludotun Baiyewun 🥂King of my Heart’’, she wrote while posting the above photo.

33 years? Just wow!

Friends Set Up Hiding Camera To Catch Thief Stealing Flowers From Family Grave

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This is the sickening moment a man was caught stealing flowers from a family grave after friends set up a hidden camera when tributes started disappearing.

Friends and relatives of Steve and Pat Russell who are buried at the grave along with their two young daughters noticed the flowers were going missing at the Eastern Cemetery in Hull.

They installed a hidden camera in a nearby tree to catch the perpetrator in the act and say the thief has been stealing from the grave every week for seven months. One of the daughters, Kerry, passed away at the age of 12 after collapsing at school 31 years ago with a heart condition.

Kirsty suffered from the same condition and died in 1996 at the age of 18.

Four years’ ago, Patricia died after suffering a heart attack and her husband passed away a year later.

They had their ashes scattered by a rose bush beside their daughters' grave at the Hull cemetery.

Allan Hiley, 73, from Halifax, West Yorkshire, was 'horrified' when he was told by friends that someone was taking the flowers from their grave.

He said: 'It's the grave of my auntie and uncle and their two daughters. I come over every now and again to visit the grave and friends who knew them.

'They rang me up a while ago to tell me someone was taking the flowers and decorations. I was horrified.

'The love that family had between them was incredible and the fact that someone could be doing that to their grave is a farce.

Photos of Couple who got married because they can't Smile

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Meet Couple who can't smile due to RARE Condition

The Man and the woman pictured above who cannot smile because of a rare condition have fallen in love after meeting on Social Media. Because of Moebius syndrome, Alex Barker and Erin Smith may not thrilled to get married

The Rare condition causes paralysis of the cranial nerves, meaning sufferers cannot make any facial expressions. But the disease is what brought Mr Barker, 45 from Coventry and his 38-year-old Ms Smith, from North Carolina, together to be husband and wife

They started loving each other after meeting on a social media site for people with Moebius syndrome, and after just four dates, they got engaged. Ms Smith said: ‘At first, I would never have thought that I would ever fall in love with someone that was born with the same thing I was.

‘But I mean it’s not just the Moebius, we have a lot of other things in common too. ‘It is so nice to have someone that understands me for me. I love his British accent. It makes me melt. It does it just gives me chills.’

The couple, whose speech is also affected, have to be creative when expressing their feelings due to the fact they’re unable to smile.

Mr Barker added: ‘I can tell when Erin is happy because she always puts her head on one side and goes “ooh,” and I think although we can’t show facial expression, we know each other’s mannerisms, so when we’re upset or when we’re frustrated or whatever, there is a lot of nonverbal communication that goes on.

‘I think the eyes tell a lot too, even not just Alex, but my family and friends have always said that they can look in my eyes and I smile with my eyes, they know I am happy.’

Mr Barker revealed he was severely bullied when he was younger and he was unable to get a girlfriend. He said he still struggled when he met new people.

Mr Barker added: ‘If I meet people for the first time they might smile at me in greeting and then they are wondering why is he being rude? ‘Why is he not smiling back? And I’m like I’m not smiling back because I actually can’t… I actually can’t do it.’

Mr Barker said it had found it difficult to meet a partner before he found Ms Smith because not being able to smile was a ‘relationship killer’.

The two lovebirds have spoken to a specialist about having children and were told their offspring would not necessarily have Moebius and it would depend on the makeup of their genes.

But for now they are just enjoying being together. Mr Barker said: ‘Just having Erin’s hand in my hand, just means the world. It means we don’t have to show any facial expression.

And I know when Erin is looking at me that there is a smile inside somewhere.’ Moebius syndrome is very rare, with only around 250 people with it in the UK and less than 1,000 worldwide. The couple will feature on Body Bizarre on Saturday at 10pm on TLC UK.

36 Yahoo Boys Arrested with 300 Sim cards, 80 Phones and Charms

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The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in Ibadan (EFCC) arrested 36 suspected internet scammers on 21 Sawmill Road, Awa-Ijebu, Ogun State.

Tony Orilade, acting head of media and advertising for the Commission, said this in a statement released Thursday in Abuja.

Orilade said that the suspects aged 19-37 included 23 university students, of whom you were women who allegedly claimed to be lovers or neighbors to some of the suspects.

The spokesman added that one of the suspects belonged to another university while 12 others were not students.

He declares on the EFCC said that his behavior was well-known in priority for priority.

"The suspects perform their activities by sending emails to unsuspecting victims, mostly in the United States, while others were involved in a romance scam on multiple dating sites.

"At the time of arrest, EFCC members recovered more than 300 SIM cards."

Mr. Orilade added that items from the suspects included different models and brands of exotic cars, 18 laptops, including 9 Apple brands, 50 mobile phones, including 21 iPhones and two bags of fetish objects.

Helicopter Carrying newly wedded Couple crashes

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A helicopter that crashed shortly after leaving a Texas wedding reception, the pilot collided with a steep hill near the ranch where the wedding took place.

The helicopter crashed approximately five minutes after take-off, about eight kilometers from the main body of the aircraft. "In danger", declared the Transportation Safety Board.

Carpenter r"ped physically challenged 20-year-Old Girl after giving her N50

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Tunde Ogunlade, a 50-year-old carpenter, was arrested for raping a 20-year-old autistic woman with physical disability after giving her N50 to Akure in Ondo State.

Ogunlade, who was invited to work in a home of the J3X Newtown Oke-Aro, Akure, owned by a friend of the victims' family, pulled the girl into the bathroom and used her condition to rape her. .

The suspect, who made known the crime, described the incident as the work of the devil and stated that he could not explain how the incident occurred. .

His  words: "I worked in their house when I saw the girl and I touched her, and she embraced me before I put my finger in her private part, I did not sleep with her.

At that moment she left and noticed that she was stained with blood and I followed her into the bathroom to clean it. .

I do not know what happens to me because I have never been involved in such an act and as a father I will not be happy if my daughter is treated in this way, but I will take responsibility if the parents  .

Femi Joseph, the Public Relations Officer of the State Police (PPRO), said that the father of three would soon be brought to justice after the investigation was concluded.

List of Clubs that pay the highest salaries in Europe

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Here are the Top 10 clubs that pay the highest salaries in Europe

Trophies, nothing but trophies. There is only what the most prestigious football clubs on this planet are interested in. Europe, which encompasses all the powerful stables in the world, does not compromise on the means to offer players the services that suit their ambitions.

FC Barcelona has spent no less than 557 million euros in salaries last season. The Catalan club stands out as the first spending club in salaries for its players.

According to the Daily Mail, under the leadership of Josep Bartomeu, the club is far ahead of the great rival of Madrid, which is 452 million euros in 2017-2018.

Five English clubs are in the top 10, including Manchester United, third with 386 million euros.

Paris Saint Germain, Bayern Munich and Juventus of Turin are the only French, German and Italian representatives. These three clubs spent 311 million euros, 303 and 296 million euros respectively on wages.

Thus, those who doubted the elements that had enabled FC Barcelona to make a difference, especially in La Liga, have a satisfactory answer.

Here is the ranking of the top 10 most paid clubs in 2017-2018

1. FC Barcelona € 557 million
2. Real Madrid € 452 million
3. Manchester United € 386m
4. Paris Saint-German: € 311 million

5. Bayern Munich € 303 million

6. Juventus € 296 million

7. Manchester City € 294m
8 Chelsea € 293 million
9. Liverpool € 276m
10. Arsenal 266m €

Atiku reveals the formation of Boko Haram and talks about Nnamdi Kanu

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Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar said Boko Haram was formed by youngsters, who were left by politicians.

PDP's presidential candidate said this in a conversation with The Africa Report, while explaining how he would fight the cult.

"I know how Boko Haram came into being. They were broadcasts of political gangsters. The politicians used these Boko Haram boys to win elections, so abandoned them, and then they did not find work.

"It was the same with Niger Delta. In 1998 I saw it myself and warned people.

"It will be a multi-faceted approach, which will involve negotiations. This will involve military action," he said.

At the constant clashes between shepherds / farmers and animal husbandry, Atiku grazing reserves said the solution.

"In each northern province we had a grass area. During the season, the cattle are on the reserves.

"When the grasses have grown green, it goes without the season that cattle move to the areas where they were grown so that the grass can grow grassland. These pastures have been abandoned over the years.

As regards the fate of Biafra's native boss (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu and former security adviser Sambo Dasuki Atiku stressed that the rule of law should be respected.

His words: "I do not want to be individualistic in this matter. I reject any illegal detention, any detention, which is not based on respect for law and order.

"Dasuki is illegally detained. Only a court will say if he owes or not."

On calls for secession of some southeastern countries, Atiku referred to "a conference to discuss reconstruction"

"I do not think part of this country will leave. All they want is justice, justice and justice," he added.

Chinese Government detains Catholic bishop

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The Chinese authorities have Arrested a Catholic Bishop Pietro Shao Zhumin for resisting demands to join China’s Communist Party-controlled church body.

Catholic news service reveals that Bishop Zhumin’s detention was against recent moves by Beijing and the Holy See toward reconciliation.

Asia News reported that the bishop dropped out of sight several days ago, but gave no details other than saying he had been subjected to “dozens of days of indoctrination as in the times of the Cultural Revolution,” a reference to Mao Zedong’s radical 1966-76 attack on traditional Chinese culture, religion and the intelligentsia.

Shao was appointed by the pope in 2016 and posted to the southeastern city of Wenzhou, which has a large Christian community.

Officials reached the local religious affairs bureau, a department regulating the Catholic church and police headquarters Friday by phone, but they said they had no knowledge of Shao’s situation and refused to give their names.

Shao’s disappearance follows a breakthrough agreement to give Chinese authority a say over the appointment of bishops that critics called a cave-in to the ruling party just as it is waging a sweeping crackdown on religion.

Others characterised it as an imperfect but much-needed step toward uniting Catholics in the world’s most populous country.

The Vatican has long hoped to bring together China’s 12 million Catholics who are divided between those worshipping in state-sanctioned churches and the underground priests and parishioners loyal to the pope, who are frequently detained and harassed.

Details of the September agreement haven’t been released, although analysts say the Vatican will retain the power to put forward candidates while Beijing will likely have the right to refuse them.

Such moves are seen as a concession on the Vatican’s part in the face of Beijing’s assertion that it would not allow “foreign forces” to govern the country’s faith groups.

Under president and Communist Party leader Xi Jinping, the authorities have in recent months cracked down heavily on Protestants, Catholics, Muslims and Buddhists in the name of national security and the “Sinosization” of religion.