Monday, 8 October 2018

What Awolowo Said About Buhari Before He Died

One of the granddaughters of Chief Obafemi Awolowo has revealed what the late sage said about President Muhammadu Buhari before his death.

When Olufunke Awolowo joined Glenga Olawepo Hashiru for the presidency of the People's Trust Party in Lagos on Saturday, Olufunke Awolowo told News Express that her grandfather said so during his lifetime came into politics for a variety of reasons and interests, but they may not have had the makings to be leaders.

Regarding the performance of the current government under President Buhari, the dynamic New Britain politician said, "It's been a long time since I heard of Buhari, and when he came back with the change mantra in 2014, I thought he did That's why I personally solicited him because I thought it was time for change. "Someone even asked me if my late grandfather, Chief Awolowo, would have been happy to stand up for Buhari would. I told the person that times had changed. But the last three years have shown that the man (Buhari) has not changed a bit; As far as he is concerned, nothing has changed. "

She continued, "Buhari failed and that brought me back to what dad said about him long before he died, and my grandfather then said that General Buhari did not have a complete understanding of politics and governance "What's happening in the country, Papa was right."

He recalled the government's claims about the achievements made in various sectors of the economy. The pastor said it was all propaganda. She said, "Even President Trump had been almost cheated for a while, you could see how angry the American president was for his reaction to it, Nigeria needs someone who is sincere and well-intentioned."

Why she resigned before the actual start of the presidential election for another candidate at the national party convention of her party, she said: "I have resigned because first and foremost always among equals." In my party APT, for example, we had more than ten aspirants, any of whom could be the president, but sometimes you have to consider certain things, such as readiness, readiness, and all that. I realized that I had not made the sacrifice my colleague (Hashiru) had brought, so had to I leave him at the last minute, but I'm ready to work with him, as we expected from the aspirants in the other political parties, it's not a do-or-die affair, if you claim to be in the interest of people work, then you have to look at the people first to yourself, you have to be prepared to step down if necessary. "

In the upcoming parliamentary elections, Olufunke, the daughter of Awolovo's deceased son Segun, advised the Nigerian electorate on which political party and individual candidate they vote for when the time comes. "Study their manifestos very carefully and their overall package, not just empty promises, as we heard during the construction of the 2015 parliamentary elections," she warned.

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