Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Revealed: How the Trump Earn $ 200k per Year at 3

President Donald Trump's enormous accumulation of wealth has been made possible by his father's numerous efforts to direct money into his son's hands, underestimating property prices, concealing gifts and avoiding taxes, according to a bombing survey.

A number of documents, including Fred Trump's tax returns, show countless efforts to enrich Donald Trump and show him to be the successful entrepreneur and public figure and politician.

Many of the transfers have become secret, often in advantageous ways, that saved Trump and his siblings hundreds of millions of dollars, according to a deeply reported analysis by the New York Times.

In detailed analyzes, it reveals the so-called tax evasion years, dubbed "dubious tax regimes ... including cases of direct fraud".

Within a few minutes of its publication, the New York tax authorities said they would investigate.

The number of documents includes secret tax and bank documents, which means that their leakage will lead to an intense investigation into the world of the brothers about who is committing such a blatant breach of security and possibly betrayal and will be a vegetarian for the Democrats ,.
They paint an image of tremendous wealth that matches equally questionable accounting, all to the benefit of Fred Trump and his family.

In just one example, Fred Trump's tax return, a successful maker of major home construction projects, Donald Trump and his brother claimed 25 apartment complexes with 6,988 apartments worth only $ 41 million. Less than a decade later, in 2004, banks valued them at $ 900 million.

Trump has been able to feed a total of $ 413 million from the father's empire, partly through tax "failures," according to the bomb analysis.

At the tender age of three, Trump earned $ 200,000 a year at $ 2018 from his dad's business empire and became a millionaire at the age of eight, according to the report.

By the time he graduated from college - as Turbuds wants to point out - Trump has earned $ 1 million a year in current dollars - an amount that would go up to $ 5 million a year after he hit his 40s.

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