Sunday, 14 October 2018

Prominent Nigerian react to the travel ban

The ban on 50 prominent Nigerians from traveling through the Buhari Executive Order and the power to confiscate their assets, even though they have not been authorized or convicted by a court, is extremely shameful and reprehensible.

It is nothing less than a descent into fascism and a violation of the fundamental human rights and civil liberties of the people directly affected and of the Nigerian people. It is also a usurpation of the role of justice.

'' Buhari is so desperate to stay in power that he has now tried to train and intimidate the opposition. He forgets that he is not God and that soon he will leave power. I strongly condemn his lawless and desperate ways.

"Only dictators behave this way and Buhari has proven to be the most brutal and callous of all in the history of our nation, I urge him to do his worst and enjoy the short time he has in office, sadists never stop Soon it will all be over and he will explain his evil ways and bring them to justice.

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