Monday, 1 October 2018

President Buhari reveals those behind herdsmen killings

President Muhammad Bukhari revealed on Monday those who are behind the protracted crisis between farmers and peasants in some states of the federation.

Bukhari said that those who were determined to plant the seeds of disagreement and disagreement between the Nigerians were responsible for the crisis.

He made the revelation during the national broadcast of Independence Day.

The President, while at the same time providing Nigerians with adequate security, also has the right to ensure that the perpetrators will face the complete anger of the law.

According to Bukhari, "The longstanding conflict between farmers and farmers that have exploited those who seek to plant the seeds of disagreement and the disparity between our peoples is resolutely dealt with.

"We will support and continue to support the praiseworthy efforts of all inclusive civil society organizations, local and state governments and our traditional and religious leaders to find a viable solution to this problem.

"This is a matter of movement, we work with countries in our region facing similar difficulties and to complete our common efforts. In this context, I must warn that the perpetrators of a murder and general chaos in the name of defending or protecting breeders or farmers will face the complete anger of the law.

"Meanwhile, we urge all peace-loving Nigerians to reject any simplistic representation, both internally and abroad, of this conflict as a religious or ethnic origin."

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