Saturday, 27 October 2018

Lionel Messi Donate food to 15,000 Children in 40 primary schools in Mangodze and Mozambique.

Lionel Messi has a big heart and he demonstrates it once more through this gesture of solidarity with Africa. Pulga has established a solidarity activity with Messi Foundation.

We remember that the Argentinean international was already present at the event that launched the work for the new Pedriatric Cancer Center in Hospital de Sant Joan de Déu. He took advantage of the opportunity to help the children in Mozambique by donating.

Lionel Messi has decided to help children in Mozambique primary schools by offering them 15,000 breakfasts with the intention of fighting  against malnutrition in the country.

Lionel Messi Foundation launches a new campaign to distribute meals to 15,000 boys and girls in 40 primary schools in Mangodze and Mozambique.

A gesture has been praised by many messi's  fans around the world. It has to be said that Messi not only wakes admiration through this gesture of heart to the children of Mozambique. He is also admired by some of his teammates who feel that they have fulfilled their dream of playing with him. This is true of Luis Suarez.

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