Friday, 26 October 2018

Kaduna crisis_ Man spends 5 days in a closet

A man has been found unconscious after spending 5 days in a wardrobe of fear during the recent crisis in the Kaduna state.

Lord Beckson Sirjoe, who identified the man as Umar. He wrote;

Below is Umar who sells coconut and dead palm at Dullahi filling station Sabon Tasha Kaduna. I found him inside this wardrobe when I went out this morning to check some facilities in a black street house. He has been in this wardrobe since Sunday when the insurgency stated he ran into the house without the knowledge of the tenant in the house and went to the empty room where he hides for five days without taking food without watching the day light and does not I do not know what had happened. I picked him up, he was helpless and looked weak, he could not go. After returning her consciousness and strength, I called Alhaji Hassan a Fulani man who is a businessman in the SABO metropolis who identifies him and I surrendered him to safety.
Their every need to live in peace with each other and to make Nigeria a better place for me and you. If we can convert all the strengths we use to fight for the religious path to national building, and if we can love our country, we have now been more than DUBAI as we love our religion.
Let Kaduna get well again. Peace to my state.

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