Saturday, 6 October 2018

How To Keep Your Phone From Taking Over Your Life

We are distracted like never before - and our phones are probably the biggest culprit. But there is a way to live and still do things. If your mind even resists a task, it will look for new things to focus on. And it does not have to look far - just up to your phone.

Our smartphones provide an endless stream of bite-sized, delicious information that our brains can consume. It's easy to become addicted, even addicted to it. And most of us would prefer not to feel that way. Here are 7 strategies that are useful to prevent phones from taking our time and attention:

Use airplane mode even when you are not in the air

Airplane mode is not just for travel. Use it when working on an important task or drinking with someone you value. It makes a bigger difference than just putting the phone in your pocket; As you do so, you are still aware of the vibrating notifications and distractions that pile up and wait for you. Flight mode prevents notifications from interfering with your work or conversation.

Make a phone exchange

While you should take your phone away while you are with family or friends, there are times when you need to have it at hand. On these occasions, try exchanging phones with the people you depend on. That way, if you're looking for something, making a phone call, or sending yourself a reminder, you have a device that you can do with it - but it will not be one that will suck you into a personalized world of distraction , If there is an urgent call or an urgent message on your phone, your swap partner must of course tell you, and vice versa.

Clean up your apps.

Scroll through your phone and delete apps that waste too much time and attention - including social media and news apps. This can be refreshing, like spring cleaning for your phone. Step 2: Consider removing apps that duplicate features with apps on your other devices. For example, if you also read e-mails on your tablet, your e-mail app may not be worth reading. An investment app that compulsively reviews you might be worth nixed if you can access this information on your laptop.

Create a mindless folder.

So you can not get rid of all your time-wasting apps - and that's fine. Simply place your most distracting apps - the ones that put you into autopilot mode - in a "mindless" folder on your phone or tablet. The name of the folder should serve as a reminder each time you distract yourself.

Watch for the gaps

This takes willpower, but consciously resists the urge to type on your phone when waiting in line at the grocery store, walk to the cafe or in the bathroom. Try to use these breaks to think and charge. Mindless burning those moments on your phone is not worth it.

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