Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Gay Landlord Arrested For Defiling 10-year-old Tenant's Sons

The Lagos State Police Command has arrested a landlord, Mr. Trust Ezekiel, 34, for allegedly defiling five of his tenant's sons at their Ijanikin residence.

The alleged paedophile and landlord of no 10 Paul Anyawu Street, Era Ijaniki Lagos, What happened on Friday, October 11, after the 10-year-old let's the cat out of the bag.

Accordring to the minor, since age five, the landlord has been sleeping with him through the anus.

Ezekiel, who has two children, both girls, said they were threatening the survivors that they would kill them if they spoke up.

One of the survivors, who cried that he did not want to, said, "He always uses olive oil to rub my anus then put his manhood inside."

However, the landlord got arrested after the little boy complained to his elder brother and another little neighbor, a boy, who all concurred and echoed that the landlord threatened to kill them.

He said, "In the process of recounting his ordeal, one of the boy's mothers heard and questioned them and they confessed.

"That's how the woman became enraged and involved in the matter."

The suspect, who is currently at the State of the Lagos State Police Command for investigation, is currently undergoing interrogation.

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