Saturday, 6 October 2018

Engineer leads a gang in ecclesiastical spaces, to steals a bus

An engineer in Ilesha, the Osun state, Saheed Olaniyan, cools his legs with police custody after being arrested to steal a bus.

The vehicle, a Toyota Hiace bus, belongs to St. Peter's Anglican Church. Olaniyan repairs the bus to the church.

On Saturday, PUNCH learned he had led two Bolaji Azeez and Adebola Adekunle gangs to steal the bus in the middle of the night.

He broke the window of the bus window, opened the wheel and led to Lagos.

It was reported that Azege was taken over by DCP representative Abba Kyari, head of the Police Intelligence Team, for the sale of the bus. Azeez had the police arrest his two accomplices.

The laborers, our author, learned, had acted according to a church report.

The bus should have been recovered and returned to the church.

In an interview with our correspondent earlier this week, the 25-year-old Kouvaras said that Azeez had been contacted by a friend, Adekunle, wanted to buy a Hiace bus for N1.2m.

He said that after having looked around a bus to sell unsuccessfully, he fell into the plan to steal the church.

Kouvaras said: "I live near the church and help the church to repair the bus Azeez called me his friend, Adekunle, a lobster (Hiace) got the bus and told him I had not for sale .. I promised to look back and to come back to him.

"Three days later I saw someone driving the church bus along the street, and it happened to me that I could make a deal. I called Azeez that I had a bus but that she belonged to the church. I asked him to come with his friend Adekunle so we could steal him.

"They came on February 26, 2018 Osun. We entered the 23rd hour of the building church and hid up one when it hit. I've ever been dealing with something. It was money that drove me. I want the police to be merciful to me. "

Adekunle, who also committed the crime, said he had urgently needed a job after his release from prison in January 2018.

The native of Ikire, Osun State, admitted that he was in contact with Azeez to help him get a bus he could use for commercial purposes.

He said that Azeez later told him there was a bus in Ilesha that they could steal.

The 30-year-old driver said he was willing to pay Azeez Kouvaras and every N400,000 if the business was successful and added that he decided to sell the car because he could not get the money to pay them.

He said: "I live in Lagos I was a tanker drivers I went to prison last year because of the lack of petroleum products I have discharged at a gas station I spent two months in prison before it was released in January 2018 ....

"I went out, I was looking for a job. I called Azeez, who repaired the tanker I went to help me get the bus, I could use for the transfer He said it would be his own. Contact your friend Osun Three days later, he invited me to find one in Ilesha.

"We went there and met with Kouvaras, who brought us to church at night. It was agreed that he would pay them every 40,000 NN. We've shredded the side window of the bus to get access. Kouvaras shut the steering wheel and Putting some cables to start the bus, we went out of the church and brought it to Lagos on February 27th. We brought it to a painter at Ikorodu.

"I was bothered by their content, but I could not get the money I got Azeez with a buyer who was unknown to him expecting someone to pay them. We later decided, the bus to sell. Someone. the buyer finally became officially IRT. Azeez brought the police to arrest me. the police asked him to call Kouvaras to take his share of Lagos, and they arrested him. "

Azeez, a 32-year-old father of the two, said he was trying to help Adekunle win his life.

He said: "I'm a bat of the boat I knew Kouvaras in Ladipo market, where I bought spare parts from Ilesha The bus is worth N2.5m Adekunle said it would be, and give me Saheed every N400,000 but he could not in time ... pay.

"Olaniyan bothers me because of his own share, so when I put the bus, I fell into the police trap."

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