Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Cuddle your women openly, the cleric tells the husbands

To promote love, Bishop Dare David, the Pentecostal General Ilorin, husbands, especially clerics and Christians, advised them to cuddle their wives proudly and lovingly in public.

The cleric noted that some men, especially men of God, used to publicly sniff their wives and describe such men as hypocrites and pretenders.

"Often, men push their women away in public, they barely see them playing or laughing together." Sometimes, if not for their outfits, you do not even know they're married. We men of God are especially guilty because we are too busy and want to portray ourselves as respectable.

"The Bible urges you to love your wife unconditionally, it is not written that a man should show his love only at home." What's wrong with keeping a woman's hand in public or embracing her? But we do all this in the secrecy of our homes; it's just hypocrisy, "David said in Ilorin on Tuesday.

"Men should dance with their wives at home, go for a walk, take them on a date, go to the movies with them, make them feel loved and give their attention."

According to David, part of God's plans and visions during marriage is to address the loneliness of man and woman. The cleric described the family as a divine responsibility and emphasized that husbands should cling tightly and lovingly to their wives. "So in our daily journey with God as Christians, we should always remember that God also gave us a responsibility that can not be taken lightly, the family," he said.

David, however, urged women to submit completely and unconditionally to their husbands, as God commanded in the Bible. The cleric exhorted Christians to love their neighbors as themselves, to ensure integration, love and unity in the body of Christ.

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