Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo addresses R-Pe's allegations

A defiant Cristiano Ronaldo insisted that he was a role model on and off the pitch as the Juventus and Portugal striker was confident he was right about the rape allegations that assaulted him.

For the first time since she was accused of raping Kathryn Mayorga, an American model, in a hotel room in Las Vegas in 2009, Ronaldo decided for the first time to reunite with Manchester United to start a strong defense of his character Let the allegations affect him.

Ronaldo faces United for the second time after leaving the club in June 2009 to claim a £ 80m world record - he is said to have raped Mayorga in the same month - but the 33-year-old was preparing for the match Overshadowed questions to reject his alleged behavior.

He wore a diamond-studded watch, a ring and earrings, a navy-blue shirt buttoned to his collar under a navy blue blazer that flashed the whitest smile. Ronaldo cut off a defiant figure in Alt-Trafford's Europa Suite as he remained innocent on the field.

"I know that I'm an example, I know, 100 percent," he explained. "On the field and in front of the pitch, that's how I always smile, I'm a happy man, I'm blessed to play in a fantastic club, I have a fantastic family, I have four kids, I'm healthy, I have everything. So the rest, it does not bother me, I'm very, very good. "

The Las Vegas police have resumed their investigation at Mayorgas request from 2009. Mayorga reached an out-of-court settlement with Ronaldo in 2010, with a payment of £ 288,000, because she had agreed never to go public with the allegations, but her lawyers said they were now trying to invalidate the confidentiality agreement.

Ronaldo said: "You did not listen to what I said, I'm a happy man, we made the statement two weeks ago, if I'm not mistaken.

"Of course I'm glad that I'm not lying in this situation, I'm very happy, my lawyers, they are confident and of course I. The most important thing is, I enjoy football, I enjoy my life, the rest, I have people Of course, the truth always comes first, so I'm fine. "

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