Monday, 1 October 2018

Cleric, 16 pregnant women arrested for baby factory in Port Harcourt

A clergyman and 16 pregnant women were arrested by collaborators of the Rhodes State Police.

The suspects were arrested after Commander commissioners intervened at a prospective baby factory in Port Harcourt belonging to the clergyman named Glory Raphael.

In addition to the 16 pregnant girls, three other people were assisted in helping the clergy run the baby factory.

Police State Commissioner Zachi Ahmet told reporters on Saturday that Rafael was involved in trafficking children under the pretext of running a legal business.

Ahmed, who had previously admitted 39 suspected armed robbers, kidnappers and religious at Port Harcourt, said the police were able to capture the villains through the efforts of the Federal Intelligence Service, the State Department of Criminal Intelligence and Investigation.

"The men of the Department of Criminal Intelligence and Investigation in a stingy business on Friday set fire to the premises of a Gloria Raphael, who is the General Supervisor of the Ministry of Mountain Sinai in Rukkbuvo and is working on child trafficking.

"Sixteen pregnant women waiting for the surrender and further sale of the children to the expecting buyers were arrested, one of them, Chinyere Nweke, was working yesterday (Friday) and hurried to the police clinic where a baby was born," Ahmed said.

Southern City News remarked that those arrested were under 18 but were pregnant.

When asked why she was arrested, Gloria Rafael said: "There was one day my sister, Esther Joseph, called me to come and help her, that someone was ill.

"So they brought the girl, brought two other girls to me and they were released, and I gave them a midwife to hand them over." Some of the girls came to pray, "they have husbands."

One of the young pregnant women, Sandra Solomon, explained that she could sell her baby to a church when she discovered she was pregnant.

Miss Solomon said she followed an agent in the church because she had no one to help her through her situation.

"I was pregnant and did not know what to do. So a lady told me they were selling babies to this church and I came there. The woman did not tell me how much they sell. I do not want to sell my baby. As we slept in the church, the police came and arrested us all, "he added.

Also, a 17-year-old pregnant girl, Favor Gabriel, revealed that the man who impregnated her took her to the clergyman and promised to take her back as soon as her baby was delivered.

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