Friday, 5 October 2018

Checkout These Awesome Aerial Car Paintings (Photos)

Airbrush car painting is the car's equivalent of getting a tattoo.

To achieve a car painting with an airbrush, Airbrushes are used to spray frescoes, graphics and other artwork into cars, motorcycles and helmets.

Incidentally, an airbrush is a small, airborne tool spraying various media. more often coloring but also ink and dye, and foundation with a process of mocking.

In fact, this form of car art is not exactly new, but has recently seen a rise in popularity.

Most professional car painters prefer to use grade automotive mounts through the top of the airbrushes fed by line gravity.

Now, there are a few painting aircraft that tend to standout because of, well, strange them.

Now, check out some of these below.

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