Monday, 8 October 2018

America’s first s*x robot brothel BANNED after Texas Official Makes Last Minute Rule Changes in Texas

The Canadian company KinkySdollS had planned to open a Houston site where customers can buy adult love dolls and rent them for private rooms. The lifelike s*xbots - starting at $ 2,500 apiece - respond to touch and have vocal answers, while more expensive versions can lead to conversations with AI.

At the company's flagship store in Toronto, Canada, customers can pay $ 22 for 30 minutes of "intense pleasure," $ 92 for an hour, or $ 157 for a two-hour session.

But the Houston City Council changed a local ordinance to open the business and everyone else who likes it.

The mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner, told reporters after a council meeting that the vote was a change to an existing city ordinance and was not geared to a specific business.

"They can not engage in s*xual activities with any inanimate objects in the shop," Turner said as he explained the change.

People will still be able to buy the dolls, he said.

KinkySdoll founder Yuval Gavriel said he was talking with lawyers about suing the city for their decision.

"We're exploring our options," he said in a telephone interview.

Last month, Gavriel said he plans to open 10 sex robot stores in the US by 2020.

He said he was targeting the American market for lax regulation and that, "States are a bigger market and a healthier market, and God bless Trump."

Kinky S Dolls describes itself as the first "adult love doll hiring before buying service" in North America.

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