Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Abortion Is Like Hiring 'Contract Killer' Pope

Pope Francis has been abortion to hiring a "contract killer". Francis said in his address to worshipers in Vatican on Wednesday. "Getting rid of a human being is like a killer to solve a problem."

Killer to solve a problem? "he asked, and the crowd shouted:" no ".

Francis' comments departed from the prepared text for his homily delivered during his weekly audience on Saint Peter's Square.

"How to act which dates a budding life, innocent and defensceless, be therapeutic, civilized, or simply humane?" Francis said in his weekly public audience.

In his address, the Argentine pontiff complained of a "depreciation of human life" as he cited wars, exploitation and "a culture of wastefulness" as problems, other than abortion.

The leader of the world's 1.3 billion catholics said parents should not reject sick children.

Instead, they often receive medical advice to terminate the pregnancy, "he said.

Even though he is now considered more liberal than his predecessors, Francis has not changed.

This year, he would be a tax abortion in Argentina.

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