Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Zimbabwean VP Says Wife Tormenting his life

Zimbabwe Vice President, Kembo Campbell Mohadi has made shocking claims, revealing that he is afraid of his life with his official wife Tambudzani Bhugadi Mohadi (no Muleya).

The VP accuses his ex wife or sending threatening messages on his mobile phone after he instituted divorce proceedings last year.

"After the respondent [Tambudzani] got served with copy of the divorce summons, the respondent has escalated her violent tendencies against my person [Mohadi] and even calling me on my mobile phone while insulting me and threatening to tarnish my image, which has the "In my opinion affair affidavit filed under case number DV1797 / 18 in a matter set to be heard on Friday.

His estranged wife is said to have started selling the matrimonial property before the finalization of the divorce matter in order to defeat the ends of justice.

In a pray to save his life, Mohadi has since approached the Civil Court in Harare seeking a protection order against her.

"I am a law-abiding citizen and the increasing incidences of people who are killing their spouses for passion, I pray that this honorable court protect me from the threatened violence," he said.

"I have approached this honorable court seeking an order for protection order against the respondent in terms of the Domestic Violence Act, more particularly, in that the respondent is a very abusive person and / or a person of a violent disposition such that I am now leaving in fear of my life. "

The VP also stated that he has lost his four children against him.

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