Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Woman Stabs Neighbour To Death For Calling Her Shaku-Shaku

A 23-year-old hairdresser, Opeyemi Adamson, reportedly killed her neighbor, Taiwo Olowookere, in their home in the Meiran area in the state of Lagos.

Punch Metro gathered that the 28-year-old Taiwo lived with the suspect's mother-in-law, who gave her accommodation after being divorced from her husband.

Opeyemi, who lived with her husband, stayed with the victim on the same grounds. The duo would have provided animosity until Friday, August 24, when things took a tragic turn.

The deceased had reportedly complained about Opeyemi's eight-month-old baby and said the child's sound was bothering her.

The suspect reportedly insulted her, whereby words were exchanged.

Taiwo, who reported the incident to the police prior to her death, said that her assailant became angry after she (Taiwo) called her shaku-shaku woman (useless person), adding that she had put her in the neck.

She had said, "About three months ago I had a problem with my husband. The woman I stayed with was her (Opeyemi) mother in law.

"One day my child was sick and I took him to a hospital, and when I came back I greeted her, but she refused to respond, and that was when our misunderstanding began.

"I went to my child's bath around 7 am on August 24. While that happened, her child began to make a noise, I called her that her child was bothering me, but she abused me.

"She started cursing me and I called her shaku-shaku woman, she asked why I would call her such a name She said she would show me what a Shaku-Shaku woman looked like She went in and pulled out a knife that she'd always put me in the neck. "

Punch Metro gathered that the victim reported the case at the Meiran police station and Opeyemi was arrested.

Taiwo was taken to a local medical center where she was treated until her death.

Opeyemi, who spoke to Punch correspondent, however accused the victim's husband of her death, while she also accused Taiwo of jealousy.

She said, "Her husband has always beat her, and that's why my mother-in-law helped her." When she came home, she always cursed me, always saying that I was happy because I had a good husband, while she did not have a good marital home. and that she would deal with me.

"The knife was hers, I put her self-defense in. Her husband bought her everything while she was in hospital, and when she died, her husband dumped her body into our house and fled."

The husband of the deceased, Sunday Olowookere, a factory worker, told Punch correspondent he had reconciled with his wife when the incident happened.

He said that Opeyemi had problems with his wife after the latter no longer kept money with her.

He said, "My wife and I had a misunderstanding about her posture, she got annoyed and left for a co-trader's house, a SARS officer intervened and I was asked to sign a commitment that I would never again would impose whatever I did.

"We both made statements at a police station and I thought it was over, but she said she was not ready to follow me home; she said she would come with me later.

"My wife can be rude, but she would never fight with anyone." The woman who stabbed her is a cult member, and she started to have problems with my wife after my wife no longer gave her money in custody.

"I was working late at night when I got a call that my wife was stabbed in. It was the next day I got there, she was taken to a local medical center where her injuries and her neck were swollen. asked to do an X-ray for her, I took her to a general hospital when she gave up the ghost. "

Opeyemi was taken to court for an Ebute-Meta Chief Magistrates' Court at a point of murder.

The chief magistrate, O.O. Olatunji, has put Opeyemi back and expunged the case until October 3, 2018.

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